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Picture messages or what about image indexation?

A little bit history of pseudo-graphics, smiles and picture messages in the Internet and computer world

The most people agree that pictures and images include more concentrated information than texts. People perceive images more emotionally, and at the same time are feeling lazy to read much text. The organic appearance of smiles in the computer world confirms it. Often one-two smiles in a message can substitute one or more sentences. Also it is a fact that pseudographics exists from the beginning of Internet. We still use many of them like :-) ;-) :P etc. They were born in the beginning of 90th with the spreading Internet on the world. And nowadays many computer programs, web-applications, known as web-sites, change the smiles to their graphical analogues, icons. The storing images requires more digital memory and net traffic. It cause invent new file formats and some of them became the standards de-facto in Internet such as jpeg/jpg, gif, png and tif. Of Course there are many other less known formats. And all the graphical formats have as positive as negative aspects in the volume/quality measurement.
This article is not about graphical formats. This article is about how a common user of Internet may have much advantages using graphical sorts of messages without neither knowledge any graphical formats xor using any graphical processors like Photoshop, Corel Draw etc.

Social networks: are they spending time, entertainment, self expression, education, making relations and saving them, market or love?
Why do you use the Internet social networks such as Facebook?

In any case you are a consumer of information or you are a creator of information. I can say that I have grown with Internet. I entered into Internet first time in 1997 being a second-year student of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of a university. There were no social networks such we know today. We used web-chats, ICQ, MS Messenger, and perfect for those times tools made by Netscape that included a browser, a mailer, a constructor for web front-end and.. implemented "virgin" JavaScript! :-)
It was very cool if you make own gif-animation or animated elements on a website such as menu bar, for instance. But today these things don't impress you. And it is right. Because now you must have opportunities to express your opinion, deliver information to your friends, relatives, colleagues, clients without the technical knowledge, saving time. Picture messages will help you in this.
You know, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were not very strong programmers. But they geniusly used opportunities of computer graphics to make giant companies. B. Gates launched Windows 3.1 with graphical interface for MS DOS with windows (I'll not say about OS/2 here now ;-) ). S. Jobs wanted make MacOS as organic as hand made scripts.

A computer is The Internet

However there are some issues providing information as a picture. For example, indexing the content. But it is almost in the past. So, for instance, Google (I presume other software giants too) work on graphic indexation. It is clear because their artificial neuron nets are big enough. Now they are ready to launch self driving cars that is harder than indexation a graphic information. Therefore, this article is for people who are going to be on the top of search services.

Identification of the problem

In order to unite the abilities of Internet, social networks and users I had to define a clear questions or tasks. Here they are:

How to create greeting cards, invitations, business cards, quotes, mind matters, coupons, tickets and any other kinds picture message for free in social networks such as Facebook?

This question concerns the intersection of factors like popularity of social networks, making image messages by any users of social networks without any knowledge of image formats or graphic editors and staying in familiar interface of a particular social network.

How to add text in different languages?

The opportunity of adding text in any languages is important.

How to use the image messages for promotional purposes?

How was mentioned above, there is an author of a message/information and there is a consumer of information. Anyhow, any message is an advertisement of: your person, your accomplishments, your attitude, your product / goods or service. Making your message graphically must save your time on creating and save time of percipient on understanding it. And images cope with these tasks much better than text because human memory is associative, not digital.

How to send image-messages to friends or groups?

Obviously that any message must have one recipient at least. Even if you make a message just for remember, a recipient is you in the future.

Review of applications for social networks: Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki

Because of popularity of social networks I searched existing applications that are suited for the questions. I found the most popular applications as Avatan and Fotomimi. They seemed to be able to solve the questions. But closer sight showed several shortcomings:
- web-version depends on Adobe Flash Player;
- need to install a mobile version for mobile devices;
- lack of support for different languages;
- avatan is too complex for our purposes. The functionality similar with graphic processor then we need;
- in case with Fotomimi it is too inflexible. Users can select only fully prepared greeting-cards;
- the applications are paid or with limited functionality or a user must spend time playing particular games.

Search for solutions

Considering modern abilities of Internet and social networks, levels of users and soon changes of search engines I decided to create applications for social networks where any user could make any photo-message including profile pictures, greeting cards, invitations, business cards, quotes, mind matters, coupons, tickets, and so on. And with ability to save in photo-albums, send to friends and publish in groups. The application must have some kits of images such as flags of the most countries, appropriate to the most holidays, global events etc. The apps must respect all copyrights and these base functionalities should be free for users.

Implementation of the idea

At the time the idea realized as several applications for Facebook, VKontakte and Odniklassniki under name of MoodFlag Application (https://apps.facebook.com/moodflag , http://vk.com/app5063007, http://ok.ru/game/1157278976).
Concerning languages and alphabets I have to say that now included several fonts in English, Russian, Tatar and Bashkir languages. Of course, the list of languages and fonts will increase. Please, post your fonts in the tech support groups and they will be set into application ASAP.

MoodFlag Application for Facebook

The screencast of the app is available here:

MoodFlag Application for VKontakte

The screencast of the app is available here:

MoodFlag Application for Odniklassniki

The MoodFlag Application for Odniklassniki is at the link http://ok.ru/game/1157278976
However admins of Odnoklassniki didn't publish the app. Therefore, it is not available for any users there. As far as I am concerned, I would agree with people who believe that Odnoklassniki do discrimination making impossible to create greeting cards in any user's languages. It is very strange and offensively for users when an internet-service collect personal information, private links and messages, locations but don't give users ability to use right application. I wouldn't trust them as well as spammers.

How to earn in Internet?

Any person has the rights to work and art. And any work must be paid. As was mentioned earlier, the basic functionalities of the MoodFlag App has been conceived as non commercial. But the same time the abilities of the application may be extended in the future. It is possible to add new paid functionalities. We would be interested to carry your ideas in the app which may bring profit for you and us.
How you can have advantages using the app in advertisement was written above. We glad to have contact from you.

In conclusion, I confidently can claim that MoodFlag Application can be used as a constructor of image messages, photo compositions, profile pictures, greeting cards, invitations, business cards, quotes, mind matters, coupons, tickets, and more. You can send them to your friend, publish in groups or save in the social networks.

Welcome to the MoodFlag Application!

Almaz Khamatkhanov, VITC S!stem@, 11/11/2015

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